Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pumpkin Seeds

Turns out that pumpkins have a lot of seeds in them. I never really paid attention to what was inside of them until a few days ago. I knew that people took the time to make their own pumpkin puree but I have never been that eager to try it. I’ll stick with canned pumpkin puree for now. Maybe next year I’ll be more adventurous.

This year I was focused on what to do with all the seeds after we carved our pumpkins. We carved three pumpkins. There were SO MANY seeds. I was excited to test out some recipes for toasted pumpkin seeds. There are many different ways to prepare them. I tried three different recipes: sugar and spice; cinnamon and sugar and just plain salt.  My favorite was the sugar and spice mixture featured below.

It had just the right amount of contrast between the sweet mixture and the salt. It seems that how long you should bake your seeds will depend on how “toasty” you want them to be. As you will notice each recipe has a different temperature and timeframe to bake the seeds. Use your judgment because each oven is different. If you end up with as many seeds as I did you will have plenty to experiment with!

Oh and just for fun I’m including pics of our pumpkins. Everyone did a great job. Love this time of year.


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