About Wendy Kirby

Hi, everyone! I’m Wendy Kirby. I live just outside of Philadelphia. By day I am a lawyer. You can find me at the local courthouse or law office. At night and on the weekends I’m a fanatic of all things associated with food.

This site started simply as a place to chronicle my cooking adventures and find a community where people enjoyed talking about food. There came a point where my friends and family had grown weary of my endless discussions about food. It was at that point that I started this blog so that I could find others who share my obsession.

9722_final rev

Shortly after I started this blog I began getting debilitating migraines. I had other symptoms but they were not as incapacitating as the migraines. A series of tests and a host of doctors later I was diagnosed with an intolerance to gluten and eggs. I fought the diagnosis. I could not fathom avoiding gluten and eggs. It seemed like they were in everything.

Once I accepted that I needed to dramatically alter my diet I began experimenting more and more in the kitchen. I did “cheat” here and there but eventually accepted that I had to completely eliminate gluten and eggs in order to feel better. I have thoroughly enjoyed playing with ways to go gluten-free and egg-free.

I recently began incorporating gluten and eggs back into my diet. I’m now able to tolerate eggs but still have a mild reaction to gluten. You’ll see a mixture of recipes on here as I continue to experiment with the types of food my body can tolerate.

Cheesecake Brownies: Top Gluten-Free Recipe

This blog also serves as an outlet to hone my photography skills. It’s something I didn’t even realize I enjoyed until I started playing around with photos for my recipes. It is by far one of the most frustrating and rewarding things about running this site. I am no where near the photographer I want to be but I enjoy navigating the path to getting better.

Roasted Balsamic Brussels Sprouts: one of my favorite pictures.

Once in a while you’ll also see me discuss some legal issues that affect food bloggers. Topics like Recipe Attribution, Trademark Infringement, and Bullying are important issues that bloggers must be aware of. Even with my background I find it hard to navigate some of the things that regulate our profession. Bloggers are part of the new generation of food professionals. My goal is to share information to help bloggers understand the law as it pertains to blogging.

I previously served as a Community Leader for Udi’s Gluten Free Community. It’s a great community! In the local sphere, I was a featured blogger on Philly.com. With respect to blogger events, I had the pleasure of co-producing TECHmunch Philly. I love to organize events for our local food bloggers!

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoy everything I have shared so far. Feel free to email me: wendy [at] laphemmephoodie.com.